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Angie Lost 30 pounds

using weight loss techniques from the 30 Day Bikini Body Challenge!

How did she do it?

Techniques in the challenge she used included: scheduled meals, HIIT workouts, and more!

When she reached her ideal weight she had more confidence and energy!


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This program is a proven, community-driven, step-by-step plan you can use to lose weight, get healthy, regain your energy, confidence, and live a longer more fulfilling life!

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Meet Aura!

This program is amazing for those with hectic schedules! As a former NFL cheerleader, I know what it’s like to work a full-time job, practice during the week, game days, spending time with family & friends, and even the occasional “me time” left little time to go to the gym or even grocery shop for healthy meals. I love that this program is online which is super convenient for those on the go! My favorite part about this program is The Ultimate Grocery List for Weight Loss. It makes grocery shopping a breeze. Genius!

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Meet Dakota!

“I am a mother of two young kids and before this program, I overate when I was stressed. I wasn't able to break the habit. I turned to food as my comfort and escape. I felt hopeless and discouraged because I tried so many times in the past and failed. What is different about this challenge is that it focuses on changing the mindset and the root of the problem.“

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Meet Chattra!

“As a former professional cheerleader, I can tell that this program works. The diet plan is well thought out, balanced, and easy to follow. The workout plan is not excessive and helps target areas with stubborn body fat. I would recommend this plan to anyone looking to get a Bikini Body in a month’s time.“

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Meet Brandi!

As a nutritionist, it's important to me that weight loss programs are given in a safe and healthy way. That's why I feel as though this particular program can help others see true weight loss results. The meals are simple and do-able, and have been well-thought out in reference to weight-loss. You get great advice, workouts and meal planning; everything you need in one place!“

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