The Be Healthy, Be Happy Community is a group of women from all over the world, working together to build better health for themselves and each other!

When you become a member of the Be Healthy, Be Happy Community, various like-minded women on a mission lose weight, regain their health, and take control of their lives!

This community allows you to ask questions, get help, meet other people, and take your next steps!


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Once you join the Be Healthy, Be Happy community you get instant access to all of the products available. The first product released in 2020 is The 30-Day Bikini Body Challenge. Future products will include how to track your medical health progression to prevent disease, and weight loss hypnotherapy.


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About the Blog and the Creator

Welcome!  My name is Katerina.

As a Registered Nurse since 2011, I’ve educated hundreds of people on health and illness through my work as a health care professional.  In 2020 I began the Be Happy, Be Health Community – currently blogging about healthy living and fitness tips for women. My goal is to help you Be Healthy and Be Happy because Life is Short!

The Pacificpetite began as a personal blog in 2016. The blog is always evolving as I grow into a more purposeful, and intentional woman. The blog has also grown to suit the interest of my readers. It originally began as a petite fashion blog, evolved into a travel blog, and is now primarily focused on health and fitness.


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