My Body Transformation Story

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The Struggle.... 

I want to start off by telling you all about my body transformation story.  I was at my heaviest when I was a nursing student in college. 



During this time I had very poor eating habits. I was over-eating, and eating in response to my stress level. I was also eating a lot of processed food.



I didn't know what foods I should or shouldn't be eating so I ate whatever was offered to me in the dining halls and during college events.  






The Solution.... 

  • Education - As a nursing student I received nutrition courses.  I also learned about disease processes and how your diet can trigger unhealthy chains of events in your body. I started applying everything I learned to my own life. I stopped eating packaged processed foods. I also reduced foods that would eventually lead to chronic illnesses such as foods high in sodium and sugar. 
  • Joining a structured program - Shortly after college I auditioning for an NFL Cheer team.  During my audition process, I joined a program that provided me with meals, workouts, and a supportive community. 

  • Mindset - In recent years I went through therapy to figure out deeper motivations causing unhealthy behaviors in my life. This has helped me understand my mental health so much more and I have kept the weight off and maintained healthy lifestyle years later.  


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