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>>  Are you self-conscious of your weight and body size?


>>  Do you fall victim to overeating?


>>  Are you struggling with sticking to a healthy routine? 


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The Be Healthy, Be Happy Community is a group of women from all over the world, working together to build better health for themselves and each other!

When you become a member of the Be Healthy, Be Happy Community, you will join various like-minded women on a mission to lose weight, regain their health, and take control of their lives!

This community includes The Bikini Body Challenge which is the first of many challenges of the community. It was created to help women lose weight, reach their ideal body, health, and confidence.

This community allows you to ask questions, get help, meet other people, and take your next steps!

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Targeted Workouts & Routines


  • Easy to follow circuit workouts (5)
  • Beginner, Moderate, advanced levels
  • Ab, Leg & Glute, Upper Body
  • 25 sec. & 30 sec. intervals


  • 80+ page exercise guide
  • Targeted muscle groups
  • “How to” instructions for each exercise
  • Progress at your own rate
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Personalized Meals

Detailed Meal Plans and Guidelines for Healthy Weight loss


  • Protein serving sizes
  • Carbohydrate serving sizes
  • Pre-Planned meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack
  • Option to plan your own meals
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Many more Training Courses & Resources


  • Private Support Group
  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Grocery List
  • Body Measurements Chart
  • Skin Tightening Techniques
  • Helpful Products
  • Template for Before & After Pictures
  • Template for Before & After Measurements
  • Food Diary
  • Creating your customized meal schedule with intermittent fasting
  • 7 – Day Journal Entree series
  • Audio Lesson – How to Identify Triggers for Overeating
  • Audio Lesson – How to Reprogram Your Subconscious
  • Audio Lesson – How Failure Can Help You Lose Weight

And more!


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I'm Katerina

As a Registered Nurse since 2011, I’ve educated hundreds of people on health and illness through my work as a health care professional. 

In addition to my work as a nurse, I became Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Weight Management. - I created The BH, BH community, and the 30 – Day Bikini Body Challenge to help women overcome their limiting beliefs, reach their optimal body and ideal health.


What makes me Different?

I have found that the average fitness trainer has very little education in health as a whole. Additionally, fitness trainers have unrealistic expectations because they themselves only workout out for a living.

I understand that you have a busy life you are balancing in addition to weight loss.  I want you to understand that you can achieve your ideal body size and health and it can meet you where you are.

I'm just your everyday girl. I'm a young professional woman from Virginia who maintains a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, so can you!

After years of feeling lost and confused about my health; I decided to look for something different. In my search, I discovered an NFL cheer community.  After months of hard work and failures, I was able to get in amazing shape, health, and became a finalist.  I was able to reach that fit body and maintain it years later.

Now, I put minimal effort into my weight, and I spend most of my time doing things I love without stressing over my body size. 

Reaching my ideal body size and health gave me the confidence I couldn't even imagine. 

Find my full body Transformation story here

I started The Be Healthy Be Happy community which includes The Bikini Body Challenge. This challenge is just the first of many to help women reach their ideal body and health, like I have, and regain confidence while also living a long-lasting life. 

I know it can help YOU lose weight and gain confidence too!

I want you to experience the transformation I have! It's possible, but only if you get started on your journey now!


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Top features

  • Supportive community
  • Ongoing access
  • Instant access to new challenges and resources as are available
  • Mindset Training
  • Pre-planned meals
  • Workout Guides
  • Workout Videos
  • + more

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  • Supportive community
  • Ongoing access for 3 months
  • Mindset Training
  • Pre-planned meals
  • Workout Guides
  • Workout Videos
  • Everything that is offered in the Monthly membership but for a limited 90 day period

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Top features

X  Supportive community


  • Instant access to a one time downloadable
  • Mindset Training
  • Pre-planned meals
  • Workout Guides
  • Workout Videos
  • + and more

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